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"New security loopholes are constantly popping up because of wireless networking. The cat-and-mouse game between hackers and system administrators is still in full swing."

Kevin Mitnick | Information Security Consultant

Immense Analytics offers a broad range of network and workstation security services as part of our Security-as-a-Service program. The sections outlined below are included with our Basic Security package, we consider them essential tasks for any organization with sensitive or protected data.

With tightening regulations across many industries, companies are more and more being held responsible for data breaches that occur on their watch. Financial data, protected health information, social security numbers and customer lists can be stolen in minutes by attackers using vulnerabilities that won't surface until it's too late.

Security isn't a one time thing, it's an ongoing event that requires proactive measures, constant monitoring and real world testing.

Network Enumeration

Knowing what devices are connected to your network and the roles they play is often vital information when preventing or mitigating attacks. Enumeration is the discovery of devices using overt protocols to gather information and identify their function.

Immense Analytics has visualization tools for mapping your network architecture and highlighting vulnerable systems. Real time monitoring can send custom alerts when new devices connect, and record snapshots of devices for review. Filter devices by role, operating system, device type and more.

Vulnerability Scanning

Regular auditing of your network and systems for known vulnerabilities keeps your organization ahead of attackers, including closing open ports, updating software, and restricting protocols and access. Immense Analytics employs several different industry standard scanning tools and uses the latest exploit definitions.

Penetration Testing

Even with a vulnerability scanning routine, active intrusion attempts by a trained penetration tester are necessary. Their process will expose flaws in not only the network or systems themselves, but in business practices by challenging your organizations security posture.

Penetration tests can occur completely externally, mimicing the level of access an attacker would have from anywhere on the internet. Internal tests can vary from known on-site tours to anonymous social engineering based physical access attempts. All data accessed and intrusion methods are listed for remediation reporting only. All sensitive data will be truncated on reports and securely wiped after remediation.

Web Application Testing

Immense Analytics offers testing of your web applications for vulnerablilities and architectural weaknesses. Without source code access, our tools attempt code and database injection, cross site scripting, and spider through all views looking for plaintext usernames, passwords and other credentials to gain access to databases and other internal systems.

According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, more than 18 million customer records have been compromised in 2012 due to insufficient security controls on corporate data and web applications.

Workstation Security

Immense Analytics has partnered with Webroot to provide installation and management of their Endpoint Protection suite. With the smallest memory usage footprint among the competition, Webroot's lightweight solution reduces breaches and endpoint attacks caused by advanced malware.

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