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"Employees commonly have too much access to data, beyond what they need to do their jobs, and when that access is not tracked or audited... [it] can have devastating consequences."

Larry Ponemon | Chairman & Founder, The Ponemon Institute

Companies are collecting, generating and storing more data than ever before, the vast majority of which is unstructured — not stored in databases but rather in inboxes, desktop folders, and network shares.

As compliance regulations tighten in each industry, it's becoming increasingly important to track data as it moves around your company. Knowing what's in a file and who can access it is key in keeping financial information, social security numbers, and proprietary information safe and secure.

Immense Analytics has partnered with DataGravity to bring their data-aware storage platform to our clients. We offer installation, configuration and maintenance of their award-winning products — contact us today for a demo or to schedule a DataMRI.

DataGravity helps organizations unlock the value of their data. The DataGravity Discovery Series is a data-aware storage platform that allows IT professionals, auditors, security analysts, and line-of-business users to store, protect, search and govern their data. Its patented architecture, powered by the DataGravity Engine, analyzes data as it is ingested without impacting performance, so administrators and users can quickly and easily explore and use data more effectively to derive insights that increase productivity, efficiency and organizational success.

Discovery Series DataSheet
DataMRI Assessment

The DataGravity DataMRI Service provides you an analysis and assessment of your company's unstructured data in a non-production environment in order to understand the demographics and make up of the targeted data set to expose potential benefits and threats hidden in your data. DataMRI is capable of locating sensitive data containing custom-defined targeted content and file attributes, including size and type.

The cost of the service is credited towards any DataGravity solution you purchase, and if we don't find any sensitive data, the service is free. If you decide to not go with a DataGravity solution, the information collected is destroyed securely.

Dormant Data

Without the ability to determine which data is most important and which data is no longer useful, businesses are paying the same amount to store critical information as they are to store irrelevant data.

Accurately identifying which files should be retained, deleted, or at least archived onto cheaper storage media is difficult without having visibility into the files that are being stored, the contents of those files, and how they are being used.

User Access Auditing

Organizations who know and understand what their high value data is, where it exists, and who is accessing it, stand a far better chance of preventing inadvertent exposures, and overcoming the enormous challenges most organizations face to discover and diagnose breaches when they actually occur. While many organizations are legally required to provide clear and documented proof of access control and audit trails, all IT environments would benefit from more effective tools to manage and monitor data access.

With the unbridled growth of unstructured, file-based data, sensitive information is increasingly at risk of exposure and there's a false sense of safety within the confines of an organization's 'secure' IT environment. To better address data security concerns, user access auditing is fast becoming a core requirement that can now be addressed by the underlying storage infrastructure for any organization.

Data Recovery

When a user accidently deletes or misplaces a file, ransomware corrupts data within your production environment, or a disgruntled employee deletes a directory before resigning, data protection and recovery are a top concern for every IT manager.

The cost and complexity of recovering quickly from data loss is growing due to the exponential growth in data stored and the increasing desire for always-on, customer-facing services. Data protection and recovery has always been a resource-intensive process requiring dedicated infrastructure, intrusive solutions, and ongoing manpower. Now, more than ever, simple and reliable data protection is crucial to the well-being of every business.

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