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Case Studies
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MultiFactor Authentication

Immense Analytics assisted University of Rochester Medical Center with their transition to Two-Factor Authentication for remote access, user identity management, and electronic prescription of controlled substances.

URMC selected a cloud-based Two-Factor solution from Duo Security, allowing users to authenticate via mobile device when logging in. Immense Analytics created a portal that allowed Medical Center staff to enroll in Duo Two-Factor with Active Directory credentials, manage their devices, and send followup information to the user by email. To date more than 11,000 users have enrolled.

The Information Security Department wanted to allow internal support staff to assist users with login issues without giving them full administrative or remote access into their enterprise Duo account. Immense built an intranet based help desk module using the Duo Admin API that could be used to create and modify accounts and devices while logging all activity for internal review.

Extract, Transform & Load

Independent Living for Seniors, later renamed ElderONE, is part of the PACE (Program of All- Inclusive Care for the Elderly) network. The program gives the elderly and their families an alternative to nursing home placement. Immense Analytics partnered with Rochester Regional Health System during a period of rapid growth for the program.

Since being founded in 1990, ILS/ElderONE has expanded from several zip codes to covering the entire city and greater Rochester area. This growth highlighted a bottleneck in how claims were processed for Medicaid and Medicare Part C & D policyholders.

Immense Analytics built workflows for each file type to extract, transform and load the contents into a relational database. The solution removed the need for manual data entry and sped up the claims processing cycle. Organizing the data has made it possible to generate reports to look into the overall performance of ElderONE.

Revenue Cycle Management

Immense Analytics has partnered with Medical Resources Management to bring transparency to Medicare data as the US healthcare system moves from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance. Together, we are developing solutions that incorporate new data provided by CMS and industry experts to deliver insights.

Specifically, we are trying to make it easier for consumers to view charges for common medical procedures by healthcare providers in their region. We are also working to maximize efficiency for MRM's in-house billing and claims processing to improve revenue cycle management.

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